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It has come to the notice of Bikaner Express (brand owned and managed exclusively by M/s. SIDCO FOODS OPC PVT that some unidentified unscrupulous persons, and their associates, are posing themselves as representatives/ agents/ managers of Bikaner Express, and in particular fraudulently making false offers of franchising, with ulterior motive to make wrongful gain for themselves and/ or commit fraud and cheating upon prospective franchisees desirous of being associated with ‘Bikaner Express’. That such unscrupulous persons have, by telling falsehoods and making misrepresentations to prospective franchisees, dishonestly and fraudulently deceived people into parting with monies under false promises of franchise and association with Bikaner Express.

This is to inform, notify, and caution, the general public at large that Bikaner Express (including any associated company or name) has neither appointed nor authorized any person or agency, let alone the above-named persons, to offer franchises, associations, agencies etc. or to issue any letters, emails, receipts, agreements, deeds etc. or act on behalf of Bikaner Express, or to use the logo, brand-name, copyright or trademark of Bikaner Express in any manner, whatsoever. The public is cautioned and advised not to fall prey to such dishonest and fraudulent activities. That, no master franchise has been granted to any person in Punjab or New Delhi (except at the locations on the website of the brand at Bikaner Express (including any associated company or name) has not offered any master franchise or related promises, in any form, to any person outside of NCR, at present, and the exhaustive list of franchisees of Bikaner Express is available at the official website at for public information. It is further informed that Bikaner Express (including any associated company or person) bears no responsibility, legal or monetary or otherwise, for any amounts handed over to such unscrupulous persons. The sole method of obtaining a franchise with Bikaner Express is through contacting the actual brand at Mobile No. +919650948947 or Email: [email protected]. Any person(s) dealing with the abovementioned or similar unscrupulous and unauthorized persons would be doing so at his / her own risk and Bikaner Express (including any associated company or person) shall not be held liable/ responsible/ involved for any loss or damage suffered by the former persons, directly or indirectly. Bikaner Express strongly recommends that the potential and/ or prospective franchisees should not respond to any offers or solicitations by such abovementioned unscrupulous persons. Should you come across any such fraudulent incident or have any information regarding such activities, please assist us in taking appropriate action to curb such mala fide activities.

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